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16th Jul 2018

002: Overcoming Your Scarcity Mindset with Jason Hornung

Jason is known as the guy behind the gurus. Having built one of the world’s top Facebook advertising agencies, Jason has spent over 30 million dollars on Facebook ads for his clients who are some of the biggest names in online marketing. Jason is passionate about giving back, not only through helping others to build their own businesses, but also by contributing to causes that are near and dear to his heart, such as child hunger. Jason dives into his life as a Facebook guru, what helps him maintain a healthy work life balance and the importance of his family.

Show Notes:

  • Jason talks about what money beliefs his family instilled in him growing up
    • Having grown up in a financially scarce mindset family, he was programmed to be self sufficient.
  • What advice would Jason give to someone who is stuck in a scarcity mindset?
    • In order to move away from a scarcity mindset, take control and shift your perception of money.
  • What would Jason say another big misconception that young people have about achieving financial success?
    • That it’s easy and thinking people grow into financial success stories over night without a lot of work.
  • What is Jason’s mindset that allows him to break through that resistance?
    • He tries not to look at failing as a problem, but rather as a learning experience.
  • How does Jason set up expectations for his clients?
    • Only take clients that understand the expectations.
  • How does Jason define financial freedom and is it different than when he started?
    • First he defined it by a dollar amount, but then realized his goals should align with freedom itself.
  • What is Jason’s biggest motivator?
    • Loving his customers.
  • How has Jason been able to get fulfillment from loving his customers?
    • He values the amount of appreciation he gets from helping his customers achieve their goals.
    • Jason talks about shifting his work focus to a balance of work and life.
    • He realized that although making money was important his mental and physical health shouldn’t take a sideline.
  • Jason’s 888 rule.
    • Identifying patterns and balance in life. 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of freetime is his favorite way to balance life.
  • Jason’s principle of “and” rather than “or.”
    • He tries to not pick one “or” the other solution in a problem but rather one “and” the other. Why not try both?
  • An example of the “and” principle in Jason’s life
    • Being sure to schedule time for things you want to do first and schedule work around that personal time.
  • What cause is Jason most passionate about, and why is that?
    • A children’s hunger relief fund because it is so easy to take it for granted and is such a necessity in other parts of the world.
  • Is giving back something that Jason has always done?
    • Although he didn’t have money to give, he would volunteer his time and talents to his community as a child.
  • What has been Jason’s most meaningful experience?
    • Having children.
  • Is there anything Jason has done to instill in his kids the importance of giving?
    • He encourages them to participate in a lot of volunteering him and his wife are involved in.
  • Who has been Jason’s most impactful person in his journey to do well?
    • His wife, Heather.
  • Who has been Jason’s most impactful person in feeding your drive to do good?
    • His wife, Heather.
  • What Jason does when he is having a bad day to get out of the funk.
    • He doesn’t have bad days (good mindset).
  • Jason’s book recommendation.
  • The next thing on Jason’s bucket list.
    • He doesn’t have a bucket list.
  • The worst and best piece of advice Jason has ever recieved.
    • Worst: “Fake it till you make it”
    • Best: “Money is an exchange of value”
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