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20th Jul 2018

004: Thriving in Business & Wellness with Craig and Jenny D

Craig and Jennifer Dumnich—better known as Craig and Jenny D—help their clients succeed in business and wellness by using techniques that maximize energy, focus and productivity. They believe that being personally fulfilled and individually successful allow their clients and themselves to more effectively help the less fortunate. Through their Golden Wings Helping Hands charity, the Craniofacial Organization and the City Gala, they raise funds for those in need and finance innovative startups to give them an essential initial boost.


Show Notes:

  • What is Craig and Jenny’s primary goal when working with a new client?
    • Identifying and removing any barriers preventing their clients from achieving personal and professional growth.
    • The “Success Matrix” and determining which areas of our lives are more or less successful.
  • Why was working in corporate positions not conducive to Craig and Jenny’s success and wellbeing?
    • The recession last decade led to continual layoffs and temporary positions, and the “employee mindset” is not flexible to everybody’s needs.
  • What was the biggest challenge going from being employees to entrepreneurs?
    • Finding the confidence to sell themselves rather than someone else’s product or service.
    • Changing mindset regarding health, problem-solving, validation, and other hangups.
  • How do Craig and Jenny help their clients identify the barriers obstructing their progress?
    • By acting as outside observers and objectively pointing out stumbling blocks that their client might react negatively to if a friend, family member or partner tried brought up these issues instead.
  • What toxic thinking patterns did Craig, Jenny and their clients have to overcome and how has their relationship with money evolved?
    • Jenny brings up a case study to underline the four root causes affecting how you behave in all areas of your life: scarcity, worthiness, fear of abandonment, and need for safety.
  • What cost do we pay professionally when we’re operating at a lower level of health and physical fitness?
    • Being fatigued and in poor shape can significantly and negatively affect our focus and drive.
  • How can we maintain positive health habits and fitness while on the road or during vacation?
    • On vacation, it’s good and even healthy to take a break from your regular routine as long as you get right back on it upon your return.
    • On a work trip, it’s a good idea to alter your eating habits in a way that improves your energy levels through the day (go vegan, even if only temporarily!).
  • Why do Craig and Jenny work with the Golden Wings Helping Hands charity?
    • They admire the organization’s willingness to empathize with those and need and extend a helping hand where others might pass them by entirely.
  • How has achieving success in their coaching business allowed Craig and Jenny to give back to the community?
    • More than just giving financially, they can also mentor and provide greater levels of institutional access.
    • Paying goodwill and charity forward to everyone they meet, such as the baristas who make their coffee.
  • Who have been Craig and Jenny’s most impactful people in their journeys to do well?
    • Jenny: her grandfather.
    • Craig: his father.
  • Who have been Craig and Jenny’s most impactful people in feeding their drives to do good?
    • Their family.
  • What Craig and Jenny do when they are having bad days to get out of the funk:
    • Get outside, find a new environment, walk or run.
  • Their book recommendations:
    • Craig: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    • Jenny: Afformations by John Noah St.
  • What are the worst and best pieces of advice Crag and Jenny have ever received?
    • Jenny’s worst: That it’s a numbers game you have to be working all the time.
    • Craig’s worst: Keeping your nose to the grindstone.
    • Jenny’s best: Understand why you’re undertaking a project or assignment.
    • Craig’s best: Focus is more important than intelligence.
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Do Well & Do Good Challenge Nomination:

Golden Wing Helping Hands – Golden Wing Helping Hands is a non-profit organization stationed in Chicago, Illinois. We create care packages for homeless adults and children filled with numerous necessities including: essential foods, clothing and toiletry items. We bring smiles to the streets by personally delivering each care package to individuals who need help. Homelessness is a serious issue and Golden Wing Helping Hands helps individuals get back up on their feet again. We encourage others to get involved, to give back to the community and to enrich and inspire others.

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