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5th Nov 2018

022: Creating Your Life’s Legacy with Michelle Aubrey

Michelle Aubrey is a successful leadership coach who supports business owners and entrepreneurs, encouraging them to use their gifts so that their businesses are in alignment with their values and leave lasting legacies. She is able to see past her clients’ limiting beliefs, helping them break through these insecurities and become the successful entrepreneurs they’re meant to be. Her coaching firm, Divinus Creatura, regularly donates a month’s worth of ever new client’s fees to Sponsors for Kenya, saving children from the slums and providing them with nourishment, education and nurturing.

In this episode, Michelle describes how a women’s boxing class led her to coaching, explains why she believes so many people are apprehensive about taking on a coach, and how her business is built around charitable action.


Show Notes:

  • How did Michelle get into the world of coaching?
    • Originally had a boxing business (Evolution Me), which helped women relieve stress and achieve empowerment.
    • Her business partner specifically wanted to create a class so the money could go toward an orphanage in Namibia.
    • With boxing, they aimed to have women find their anger purposefully, a strategy Michelle currently uses with her coaching practice.
  • What drew Michelle to coaching?
    • She believes she’s able to get through to who people truly are by conversing with them.
    • She believes most people are inherently good, and loves offering support and seeing them win.
  • Why does Michelle think more people don’t turn to professional coaches?
    • Believes that most people don’t want to be perceived as weak, even though coaching is less about tackling one’s weaknesses and more about bringing out their strengths.
    • The emotional intimacy of letting a stranger in can also be very difficult to process.
  • What does Michelle notice is the most common struggle among her clients?
    • People who are committed to the coaching work but don’t have the money or resources.
    • She needs to convince them that the work they’re willing to put in to improve their lives really is worth the cost.
  • What is Michelle’s approach to a client who has very limiting and negative opinions about money?
    • She first sees if the client is willing to look at money and their other issues from a different perspective.
    • She also needs to convince them that they need to earn that money for a greater purpose than simply amassing wealth.
  • Why does Michelle think suppressing one’s emotions causes so many problems?
    • People have the misconception that being upset, dissatisfied or depressed means they’re ungrateful for the opportunities they have.
    • Not dealing with these emotions constructively means they can bubble up at a worse time.
  • What’s the ideal disposition between wallowing in negative emotions and ignoring them entirely?
    • When you’re thinking in terms of possibility rather than just positivity.
    • Emotional authenticity is more productive, recognizing how you currently feel.
    • Suppressing something merely allows it to control you.
  • How can we break these negative emotional patterns and thought processes?
    • Direct communication about your feelings and with the people you have difficulties with; avoid the compulsion for avoidance.
  • How does Michelle feel confidence impact the way we go about our lives?
    • Confidence actually isn’t a prerequisite of taking action. Confidence actually results from taking action.
    • She thinks that all people need is just one person to believe in and support them.
  • What role do habits play in trying to improve our lives?
    • They’re VERY important. While every day isn’t the same, you need to be consistent about your constructive habits so that most of your days are good and rewarding.
    • She sticks to a thorough morning routine that gets her ready for every day.
  • What does Michelle think are the first steps for someone who wants to achieve a personal/professional legacy but don’t feel like they’re moving in that direction?
    • Helping them realize that we all have the ability to rewrite our own stories and carve out our own niches.
  • How did her coaching business start donating to Kenya?
    • Deliberately modeled her business plan around it rather than having it be an afterthought.
    • Results came about through this deliberate action.
  • Who has been the most impactful person in Michelle’s journey to do well and achieve financial success?
    • Daryn Bridge, who brought her into the coaching world.
  • Who has been the most impactful person in Michelle’s drive to do good?
    • Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres who make a point of charitable action through their work.
  • When Michelle is having a bad day, what does she do to get herself out of her funk?
    • The atmosphere of a cafe.
  • What book does Michelle recommend to those seeking a more successful path in life?
  • What is one thing on Michelle’s bucket list?
    • Skydiving
  • What is the best piece of advice Michelle has for our listeners?
    • Even if it doesn’t feel good, you’re still doing good.


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“Sponsors For Kenya was founded in early 2013 after a brief volunteer trip to Ngong and Mlolongo, Kenya in 2012. There was a clear need for safe housing, additional schools and support for the many vulnerable families and orphaned children in the area. We had helping hands and a will to make a difference. We decided to do what we can, because we can.”

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