Published on:

30th May 2019

081: How To Handle The Critics

Dorothy recently attended a conference where she was one of the first speakers of the day, allowing her the ability to network with attendees after her speech and receive some instant and in-person feedback. One such bit of feedback led to a valuable takeaway, which became the focus of this week’s minisode.


Show Notes:

[1:00] minute: Critics are going to be a part of your life.

[2:00] minute: Dorothy’s recent experience with a critic.

[5:00] minute: One interaction can shake you; don’t let it.

[6:00] minute: Often, critics just want to be critics.

[7:00] minute: Handling those critics in the best possible way.

[8:30] minute: You can’t please everyone.

[9:30] minute: DWDG Challenge information and donation opportunity.


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