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6th Jun 2019

083: Are You Financially Sober?

On this week’s minisode Dorothy revisits a topic brought up by her episode 62 guest, Luke Storey. Luke had told us about a time in his life where he had to get financially sober, and that idea has stuck with Dorothy ever since. In this 10 minute episode she walks you through the idea of financial sobriety, why it is important, and tools to help you get there yourself.


Show Notes:

[1:00] minute: Listened back to episode 062 with Luke Storey.

[2:00] minute: Financial sobriety and examples.

[3:30] minute: Lifestyle creep.

[4:45] minute: Dorothy’s experience with these issues.

[5:30] minute: Profit first mindset.

[6:30] minute: Tools to help.

[7:45] minute: Getting honest.


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