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29th Jul 2019

Building Real Relationships Through Online Engagement with Chris Strub

Chris Strub is the creator beyond “50 States, 100 Days: The Film”, a documentary that chronicles the life-changing adventure that Chris Strub took to work with nonprofits nationwide in the summer of 2015. Chris also authored ’50 States, 100 Days: The Book’ and today is known as the Giving Day Guy, partnering with communities of nonprofits around the United States to help them use live-streaming video to connect in real time with their audiences during 24-hour online giving days. 

Beyond his work with nonprofits, Chris is a sought-after speaker, a Forbes contributor, and is widely known as an expert on creating engagement through organic social media.

During our interview we discuss the origins of Chris’ mindset, how to leverage social media to create real relationships, giving out loud, and much, much more.


Places to Find Chris:

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Show Notes:

[3:00] minute: Set the stage for us first, what was life like for you growing up, and what was the mindset around money and success and giving that was instilled in you?

  • Raised in a healthy family with a close relationship with his parents.
  • Treat people how you want to be treated, use respect.
  • Morals most important; work hard to create larger financial return.
  • Where and how Chris met Dorothy.
  • Meeting someone in real life so important.

[7:30] minute: You are really known for being an expert at creating relationships with people through social media. If someone is in a position where they are just starting a business and don’t have the ability to travel to a lot of events right away, how can they leverage social media to create relationships?

  • Creating local meet ups through social media. See that return on investment locally and then move onto regional travel after that.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the larger events as the smaller ones can often be the most impactful.

[10:00] minute: So let’s shift gears and tell me the story of how this 50 States, 100 days adventure, how was that inspired and what sorts of organizations were you working with?

  • In 2015 Chris quit his job and visited non-profits in all 50 states in a 100 day road trip. Made a film about it. 
  • Inspired by his friend and his organization Payaway Layaway, decided he needed to change more people’s lives. 
  • “Why not go? What’s stopping me? Nothing.”
  • Worked with organizations of all sizes and all different types.

[13:45] minute: When you give out load, you inspire other people. The perception of giving in secret has downsides. The power in giving out loud is immense.

  • Most are shy about wanting their stories told or their efforts noticed. 
  • Explanation of Giving Days

[16:45] minute: You have a backround in newspapers and you said in your book that you knew how to make a story compelling, so could you share with our listeners what some of those elements are?

  • Did all his own PR and messaging during his trip.
  • Local news outreach; they didn’t need to care where else he had been because he is there and with them.
  • Having someone else do it for him would have felt sterile.

[19:30] minute: Majority of my listeners are online business owners, so for them, how can they leverage the power of storytelling with media and their own content? 

  • Starts with video. People want to connect with people. 
  • Businesses want to support the other businesses around them.
  • What are you creating? Not just a video, but a series of videos.

[21:45] minute: I’m curious what your strategies are in creating consistent engaging content. Your time can be pulled in so many directions, so what tips do you have for busy entrepreneurs who struggle with getting that content out day to day?

  • Keep up with the people who reach out to you.
  • Don’t create content to create content. Important to be responsive, that is first.
  • Doing “Twitter and treadmill” to respond to everyone that reaches out to him.
  • Shifting the governance of that content creation out to others.

[26:00] minute: Want to talk about what you are doing now with Giving Days, can you tell us more about that?

  • Doing places around the country and helping facilitate “Giving Days”. 
  • Go to one place that has a day long giving fundraiser and create attention spikes in the community. 

[28:30] minute: What advice would you give to a business owner who is producing content, and likely video content, what advice can you give them on how to amplify what they are already doing and reach more people interested in hearing their message?

  • Story from recent event in Lima, OH.
  • Can’t top the content of people and places with immense resources, but you can always top your engagement and authenticity.
  • “We are all famous to a few people.”

[36:00] minute: 

  • Chris’ Mother’s birthday is on the day this episode releases, July 29th, so tweet him a message for her and he will re-post them all. @ChrisStrub


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