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12th Aug 2019

Don’t Wait To “Do Good” with Carrie Paxton

This week’s guest is Carrie Paxton. Carrie was raised in a typical family and was the epitome of traditional school success, but she’s chosen a far-from-typical lifestyle. As an entrepreneur fueled by her passion for education, she wants to break the mold of classroom-based learning to show children and their families that real life and learning isn’t limited to school. Through her mastermind groups and tutoring business, Carrie is proving that kids who don’t fit into the system can still be wildly successful at life by learning something different, learning somewhere different, and learning differently.

In this episode we cover the following topics with Carrie:

  • Her very “normal” childhood and learning the basics of personal finance ([2:30] minute).
  • Starting Carrie’s Saturday Side School as an elementary school student and other early entrepreneurial ventures ([4:00] minute).
  • Doing good right away; not waiting until your business or personal wealth is a particular size ([7:00] minute).
  • Scholarship and mastermind groups that she runs to give back; modeling that giving habit for others ([9:00] minute).
  • How to disrupt the education system and some thoughts around homeschooling ([12:00] minute).
  • Masterminds: how they’ve changed Carrie’s life and how she is trying to incorporate them into the lives of the students she works with ([17:30] minute).
  • Feeling lost while scaling a business ([20:00] minute).


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