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20th Nov 2019

Protecting Your Assets with Bud Lethbridge

This week’s guest is Bud Lethbridge. Bud is an asset protection specialist, professional speaker, and trainer. He is a successful entrepreneur and author of “A Practical Guide to Asset Protection”. Bud is a serial entrepreneur, and the talk of his I attended on asset protection was incredibly valuable. 

Bud is a Managing Member at Veil Corporate, which provides asset protection services for Real Estate Professionals. He is also the Co-Founder and President at Power Perx, which helps members save money on common, everyday expenses by finding discounts for them.

Listen in this week as Dorothy is joined by Bud to talk about the ways people lose money, the importance of having a professional file an entity such as an LLC, and the accident that nearly cost Bud his life.

In this episode we cover the following topics with Bud:

  • [2:45] The two areas people tend to lose money
  • [4:47] Bud’s journey as an entrepreneur
  • [8:51] The first business that Bud started
  • [11:50] Challenging moments during Bud’s time as an entrepreneur
  • [15:49] Book suggestions from Dorothy and Bud
  • [18:03] It isn’t enough to just file an LLC
  • [21:28] What is a Family Limited Partnership (FLP)?
  • [28:14] The devastating accident that almost killed Bud
  • [40:59] Bud’s advice for up and coming entrepreneurs

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