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11th Jul 2019

The Art of Conquering Something New

A conversation with a friend regarding their big career pivot led Dorothy to revisit a lesson regarding that same topic. Back in episode 080, Dorothy interviewed Legacy Perez who had pivoted from one of the best dance careers in the world to running a 7-figure real estate business. During the discussion, Legacy broke down three key factors that allowed him to thrive in a brand new environment, and in this minisode Dorothy will revisit these three keys and discuss how they are applicable for anyone.


Show Notes:

[1:00] minute: Moving into a new field; making a total shift.

[2:00] minute: Lesson learned from Legacy Perez in episode 080 on making a big shift.

[3:15] minute: Approached new venture with large degree of self-awareness.

[4:15] minute: What are you really looking for?

[5:15] minute: Zero certainty; obsession necessary.

[7:30] minute: Put down your ego and get a mentor.

[9:30] minute: Summary of keys to making a massive pivot.


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