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6th Nov 2019

The Importance of Giving Back to the Community with Dr. Reuben Rutland

This week’s guest is Dr. Reuben Rutland. Dr. Rutland is the Co-Founder of Premier Urgent Care, the first and only black-owned urgent care facility in the city of Chicago. After graduating from medical school Dr. Rutland served as a medical officer in the United States Navy before moving on to receive training as a surgeon. After completing his postdoctoral research at Yale, Dr. Rutland went back to school and earned an MBA in 2016.

Dr. Rutland is one of three doctors who joined together to create Premier Urgent Care. The facility has a mission to bridge the healthcare gap on the Chicago Southside, help to curb violence, and mentor at-risk teens. Dr. Rutland is married with three children.

One of the many great things about Dr. Rutland’s work at Premier is the patient-first methods they employ. He believes that a well-informed patient will make the best choices for their health, which has a positive effect on their life and the life of the community. 


In this episode we cover the following topics with Dr. Rutland:

[2:47] What inspired Dr. Rutland to get into medicine

[4:18] The importance of representation in medicine and all professions

[8:08] Why Dr. Rutland went back for his MBA

[9:55] The inspiration behind Premier Urgent Care

[12:55] Giving back to the community is important

[14:37] The biggest challenges in launching Premier Urgent Care

[21:08] The benefits of having three founders who have different strengths

[22:55] The long-term vision for the company

[24:47] Where to learn more about Premier Urgent Care


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