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27th Jun 2019

Why You MUST Be A Leader To Achieve Your Goals

Dorothy recently attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive, a three day training seminar created by T. Harv Ecker, the author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. She is sharing lessons learned from this event over the course of June. 

In this episode Dorothy looks at how imperative leadership is to success. She asks you to consider the difference between a manager and a leader, as well as being a business vs being a business owner. She also shares some of the things effective leaders do, and the idea of the 50/50 rule. 


Show Notes:

[1:00] minute: Achieving success requires being a leader.

[1:30] minute: First question to ask; leader or manager?

[2:30] minute: Being the business vs being a business owner.

[4:00] minute: Dorothy’s personal experience with this.

[5:30] minute: What does an effective leader do?

[6:15] minute: Systems, systems, systems.

[7:15] minute: 50 – 50 rule. 

[8:00] minute: Confrontation is a part of leadership.

[8:45] minute: Conclusion.


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